Interviews w/ Out Magazine & The Bluegrass Situation

"At that time of writing the album, I had already devoured every novel of James Baldwin's, and moved into his essays. What I love about James Baldwin is that he's so plain spoken, and so profound. He had such grace, and was so gay, and was so academic. He was so himself. He just seemed to embody who the fuck he was. He's influenced my work so much, that type of honesty and vulnerability. Something about that is really brave to me, and something about that is really sexy." Read Chastity's interview with Out Magazine!

"As a child, my heart was broken, and it has taken me so long to mend that and allow love in my life. So the overall theme came out that there are different types of heartbreak."  Read the cover story and interview with Chastity on The Bluegrass Situation! Learn about the songs and the process that went into her Red House debut #SilhouetteofSirens which is officially out now!